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How to Run like an Olympian: Top 5 exercises to make you Run Faster

This is the first video in the How to Run like an Olympian series. Be sure to watch the other videos. In this video Brandon and JZ show you how to become more functional in the hips so that you can run faster.

Finishing the LA Marathon

USA Half Marathon Race Report:

When people asked me which race I was doing yesterday in Duluth, the full or half marathon, competitors and non-competitor alike gave me a look when I told them I was running just the half. It can only be described as a look of reproach. A look that meant, ‘oh, poor you, you must not be tough enough for the whole shebang’. At first I thought I was imagining it, but after a dozen instances, I determined that "the look" was unmistakable. To those that inquired further, I explained that I was running the USA Half Marathon Champs; only then did the look of contempt turn to respect.

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